Professional Machine Quilting

Do you have a quilt top you would like to get machine quilted? Did you inherit quilt tops, or maybe you pieced tops yourself, but don't have the time or the experience to finish them? I've been quilting for over 40 years, and offer a full range of computer aided machine quilting services.

Our primary business is to provide quality machine quilting services for anyone who wants to see those unfinished quilt tops turned into a finished quilt. Whether it is a utilitarian quilt or custom heirloom quilt that you would like to have completed, we have a solution for you.

Many quilters love to piece, but don't enjoy hand quilting. They may find that maneuvering their quilt on the small bed of a home sewing machine difficult and time consuming. Other quilters simply prefer to spend their time shopping for fabric, planning and piecing the next quilt!

Quilt Patterns - Pantographs

The quilt pattern that is stitched across the quilt is called a "Pantograph" (Pantos for short) or "Edge to Edge" quilting. At Shadywood Quilts, we utilize the latest technology in computerized quilting. Because our patterns are digital, we can offer hundreds (if not thousands) of patterns that can be customized to suit your quilt. We can change the size or density of a pattern with just a few clicks.

Our services include pantographs, quilt finishing, custom quilts and so much more.

pantograph or edge to edge (E2E) -A pantograph is one continuous line design worked from one edge of the quilt to the other, and repeated from top to bottom of the quilt. The design is repeated the entire length of the quilt.

Pantograph quilting is done on my Gammill Longarm with an IntelliQuilter Computerized System to assure you the highest quality results with a fast turn-a-round time. There are many beautiful designs to choose from, ranging from simple geometric patterns to intricate feathers, swirls, and leaves, just to name a few. Prices range from .0175 to .04 per square inch.


Minimum charge: $50 for quilting. Does not include supplies or other services such as ironing, piecing backs and so on.


We do have a special deal for baby quilts. $65 for quilting, batting and binding. You still need to provide the backing.

custom designs- This is where artistic skill is used to quilt your quilt based on the the quilt. At this time, we are not accepting any custom quilting.

meandering- Continuous lines, used as overall pattern in specific areas.

basting- Machine basting is a wonderful service for quilters who want to quilt their own quilts. Now it is possible to enjoy your quilting, by hand or machine, without having to first spend time securing the three layers together.

  • Additional charges may apply, depending on complexity of quilt.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Cash, Checks Zelle or Venmo

Minumum of $50 for labor will be charged for all Quilting Services.
For Custom Quilting there is a $75 minimum labor charge. Supplies are extra.