Mulberry Chapter Block Builders

Quilt Block Swaps and Exchanges

Are you interested in using your stash, reducing your scraps or creating blocks for scrappy quilts?

This is a new area we started in February 2022. Join us each month, starting the third Tuesday of the month, where we will be introducing a swap block that you have a month to make as many - or as few as you like. The number of blocks you submit are the number you will get back.

So what is a swap?

It's a way for quilters to make and exchange quilt blocks with one another. Usually the swap is set up in such a way that each qFlying Geese Swap blockuilter puts in a set number of blocks, all the blocks are put into a group or pool, shuffled and then a different set of blocks is sent back to each quilter.

See Swap Acronyms

Note: if you are mailing your blocks in, please try to mail them at least seven days in advance to allow the blocks to arrive. We cannot swap blocks after the due date. If received AFTER the due date, your unswapped blocks will be returned to you. (although, sometimes I make take pity and swap some of the blocks that I have already received). I always suggest USPS Priority mail as they provide a tracking number and you can stuff A LOT of blocks in the Flat Rate Envelopes.

The links below are about swapping, learning new techniques and ongoing swaps. Feel free to join in at anytime.

Shipping Block Builder Blocks

Betty Baker
9179 SE 171st Cooper Loop
The Villages FL 32162

If I need to email you each month while you are 'up north', please let me know.

Be sure to include $$ for return shipping. For some of you snowbirds, you can mail your blocks to me, and I can 'hold' your blocks until you return! Just let me know..

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