Quilt Guild Program Ideas

I have been a guild member in Oklahoma, Texas (3 guilds!) and Florida since 1983. I have come across MANY interesting guild programs that do NOT have to involve having an expensive national speaker that comes along with the exenses for travel, lodging and the speaking and class fees.

The COVID changed some of that up a bit, but there are still so many great ideas that guilds/chapters can do to save on the expenses and still have interesting meetings without doing the ZOOM.

First Quilt, Last Quilt

Depending on the number of folks in your quilt, you invite 'everyone' or 'some' of the members to bring their 'First Quilt' and their 'Last Quilt". Lots of inspiration at how much growth quilter has done over the years.


Several CHALLENGE ideas for your group to consider.

Guild Garage Sale

Members buy tables, and bring items to sell.

Quilt Show Judges

Invite a quilt show judge or other knowledgable person to tell about what a professional quilt judge looks for when judging a quilt.

Trunk Show

Ask one of the quilters in the guild to do a trunk show.

What Is Your Favorite Tool?

Invite Members to bring their favorite tool or notion and explain why they love it.

Oops! I Did it again!

OK, Brittney isn't a quilter. But what is YOUR biggest OOPs and what did you do about it?


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Christmas In July

Projects that quilters might like to do for Christmas/Holiday projects. Lets get started.

UGLY Fabric Challenge

If your fabric is still UGLY, you just haven't cut it small enough!!

Ten (x8) Quilting Commandments

Around 80 Commandments about quilting

Prefessional Quilter

Have a local longarm quilter come in and speak about what you need to do to prepare your quilt top for machine quilting.

She might even provide coupons for some sort of discount on quilting or batting for future quilts.

How Did You Get Started Quilting?

Have a few of the quilters (5-10) explain how they got started quilting. What was their influence?

Paint Chip Challenge

Sponsor picks 5 - 8 paint chips from the local box-store.

Challenge is to use their choice of colors on those chips to complete a top. Generally, no smaller than 20" x 20"


Guild Strip Poker

Great ice breaker or fun time during a holiday meeting.

Quilt Guild Ice Breakers That Don't Suck

Several fun games like 'right- left - keep' to play with a large group of quilters.

Other Quilt Guild Program Ideas

Lots of random ideas for guild programs.

Pop Up Shop

Invite a local quilt shop to come and present a few ideas and items for sale. They are usually very happy to do this for free!

Local Veteran or Charity Program

Invite a speaker from a local veterans, PSTD, womens shelter, sex trafficing or other needy cause.

Internet - Social Media

What should you should share (or not share) on social media.

Show & Tell Themes

So many ideas for a Show & Tell Themed program. Get 5 - 10 folks to display the following.

Mystery Quilts

I have participated in Mystery Quilts over the years. Most turn out awesome, some... meh, not so much.

My favorite Mystery Quilt gal is Meadow Mist Designs. Her quilts turn out wonderful! Lots of Mystery quilts going on New Year Day (or Eve) Just google it!