Quilting Basics

Whether you are a new quilter or a 'seasoned' quilter, there is ALWAYS something new out there. Maybe it is a new technique or an old technique that you hadn't seen before or forgot about.

Learn How to Quilt


Get Started Sewing Quilts

Wind up that bobbin because it's time to sew! Next, you'll master the basic sewing stitches you need to learn to make a beautiful quilt as you stitch along with Jenny. She'll have you behind a sewing machine in no time!

Picking Your Quilt Pattern

Finally, it's time to pick out the perfect quilt pattern to help you learn the skills you need to create a gorgeous quilt all on your own. By the end, you'll feel confident to make your very first quilt!

Machine Quilting Service

When you finish sewing your first quilt together, what comes next? Now you're ready to choose a pretty backing fabric, add some fluffy batting to make it cozy, and stitch it all together!


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Quilt Fabric 101

Beautiful quilt fabrics are the building blocks of quilting from yardage to precut fabrics like jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm packs, and more. What kind of fabric should you use in your quilt?

Pre-Cut Quilt Fabric Guide

Moda Fabrics is the industry leader in coining the terms, 'Charm Packs', 'Jelly Rolls' and sew on.

There are many other fabric manufacturers thataoffer specialty cut items in conjunction with many of their collections. Specialty cuts, also called pre-cut items, are fabrics cut into specific sizes and typically packaged by collection. There are many different sizes of specialty cuts, and they are based on the most common cuts used by quilters. Besides regular yardage, which is sold by the yard, the most well-known specialty cuts include:

You will want to print these pages off and put in your reference notebook.

Essential Quilting Supplies

Here's some of our favorite quilting supplies to make sewing a cinch. They're a must for your quilting tool box.

From fresh pins to sharp scissors, find everything you need to get started right here.

No Waste Flying Geese

This is a great reference that you should print off and laminate or put into a plastic sheet protector. You will use it over and over.

What is a Quilt Sandwich?

A little more detail about the three layers that make a quilt.

Disappearing Nine Patch (DNP)

Easy beginner pattern for creating awesome quilts. Free Tutorial.

Denim Quilts From Scraps

You have those old blue jeans that you can't wear anymore! You know it. Anin't gonna happen. Let's make quilts from those scraps!