Professional Longarm Quilting Service

Welcome to Shadywood Quilts. I started machine quilting back in 2001 before we moved to Houston in 2003. I had been hand-quilting all my quilts since the late '70's. I figure it took about a year to complete each bed-sized quilt. After taking that first longarm quilting lesson, I never looked back, gave up most of the hand quilting, and started my longarm quilting journey. While I continued to work at my 'day-job' in the corporate world for several more years, I started quilting for others and eventually added making t-shirt quilts to the line-up in 2006. At the end of 2019, we sold the t-shirt quilt part of the business, and I am back to just quilting for others.

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Quilt Finishing Services

If you are like most quilters, you love to piece those quilt tops but are then faced with the dilemma of how to handle that large quilt in a small home sewing machine. Hand quilting is one option but that is going to take months and you just don't have that kind of time.

We love quilts, we love to see what you are working on. There are many quilt shops in the Houston area, so we see a variety of quilts. However, my favorite quilt tops come from other areas of the country where the quilt shops have new and different ideas and offerings than what we have locally. I have a 'regular' quilter that lives in the Atlanta area. I 'know' that there are lots of quilters in that area, but she still sends all of her quilts to me. That is a huge responsibility that I take very seriously, and always strive to give her the best job I can.


Quilt Finishing Services

Bring us the quilt top (or even a pile of blocks) that your mom or grandmother made. We will provide everything needed to turn those quilt tops or blocks into a treasured heirloom that you will be able to pass down to your family.

Fabric Quilt Labels 101

Express your special sentiments for having a quilt made with a label. Usually placed on the back of the quilt, tell those you love why the quilt was made.

FAQ - Longarm Quilting

 Quick answers to your questions about longarm quilting

Quilting Tips And Tricks

Lots of interesting tips, fun stuff, suggestions and ideas for quilters.