Patterns, Plans & Ideas For Your Quilt Studio

You love to quilt. Where do YOU call your 'quilting' area? Is it on the kitchen table, or do you a room dedicated to your favorite pastime?

I started out with a card table in the corner of our living area. Now, over 40 years later, I have my own 'studio', where I can create, design and dream to my hearts content. Hubby (an engineer) designed the plans having to do with wood, saws and nails! The other patterns are my inspiration.

Quilting Batting Rack

Free Batting Rack Pattern. This holds one roll of full sized batting, with cutter and tape measure to cut custom batting for each project.

This pattern has been a popular seller on Craftsy for several years.


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Iron Caddy Plans

Whether you have a large quilt studio, or just in your sewing room. This handy holder is perfect to keep your iron safe and off of your ironing board.