Getting Started, Order Your Longarm Quilting

Probably the hardest part of of having your quilt top quilted by mail, is selecting the quilter that will take care of your special quilt.

Machine Quilting from Shadywood Quilts is a great way to turn your "UFOs" (UnFinished Objects) into stunning finished quilts to adorn your home or gift to a loved-one. Send us your masterpiece and will professionally machine quilt your top. and mail it back to you quilted, ready to show off. We also offer quilt binding!

Machine Quilting by Mail

Current wait time is 2-4 weeks for us to quilt your project and ship it from our quilting studio.

Once you've finished that beautiful quilt top, what comes next? Let us help you complete your masterpiece and give it the finishing touch it deserves. Just send your quilt to our Machine Quilting Service and we'll send it back to you, perfectly finished. We can even include the binding if you like.

Expedited Machine Quilting

Need your quilt finished even faster? For a limited time, we're now offering a one-week turnaround option for as low as $25! Below is a simple breakout for the additional fee you can expect if you choose the expedited option:

  • Less than 3,000 sq. inches: $25 (baby sized quilts or table runners)
  • Greater than 3,000 sq. inches: $50

Additional Expedited Machine Quilting details:

    • When we get an expedited or RUSH order, we move YOUR project to the top of the list.
    • The expedited fee is in addition to the regular price, to have your quilt professionly machine quilted.
    • The expedited option is from the time we receive your quilt here at Shadywood Quilts, to the time we ship it from our shop.
      USPS Priority Shipping from Shadywood Quilts will add 2-5 days on average, and if we're doing the binding, that'll add about 1 or 2 more days.
    • Expedited orders will receive the same care and attention as our other projects.

Looking for a little more information before you get started? Here's some answers to our most? Frequently Asked Questions.

Please ship (or drop off) your quilts to:

Shadywood Quilts
9179 SE 171st Cooper Loop
The Villages FL 32162


Or Drop off at Weekly Mulberry Chapter meeting on Tuesday mornings.

Prepare Quilt Top

A little bit of thought before sending us your quilt top will help us make a great quilt for you. 

Ship Your Quilt Top

    • Pack your quilt top and the order form in same box.
    • We prefer that you use the Post Office to mail your quilt top to Shadywood Quilts
      If using UPS or Fed-X, be aware that the driver leave packages on front porch, and may go unnoticed for a day or so.
    • Please make a note of the address of where you shipped your box.
    • Let us know your quilt top is on the way.

      Shipping Label

Patiently Wait 2 or 3 Weeks

    • We will send an Estimate/Workorder via email within a couple of days of reciept.
    • We will send an Invoice via email when quilt is complete
    • Email/Invoice will include payment options.
    • Pay the balance
    • Await the arrival of your beautiful quilt!

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