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Professional Machine Quilting

Do you have a quilt top you would like to get machine quilted? Have you inherited quilt tops, or pieced tops yourself, but don't have the time or the experience to finish them? With over 35 years of quilting, cross-stitch, crafting and quilting instruction, we started SHADYWOOD QUILTS in 2001, offering a full range of hand-guided and computer-aided machine quilting services in Houston.

Made up primarily of my husband, friends, and myself (Betty) our primary business is to provide quality machine quilting services for anyone who wants to see those unfinished quilt tops turned into a finished, usable product.

Let us finish your quilt for you while you start your next project…

Many quilters love to piece, but don't enjoy hand quilting. We offer various designs and options to fit the fashion of any quilt. Long-arm machine quilting offers the ability to provide uniform designs and quilting patterns. We work with you to create your ideal finished quilt, taking extra care to make your quilt special. You may choose from freestyle meandering, pantograph (edge-to-edge repeating pattern), or more customized design work to best enhance your quilt.

Gammill Quilting SystemsThe Shadywood Quilts studio is climate controlled and is designed for and is used exclusively for sewing and quilting. 

Let's Get Started!

Send your completed quilt top and backing, and we will professionally finish your masterpiece into a treasured heirloom. Visit our quilt preparation page for assistance on preparing your quilt for shipment.   You can choose a pantograph pattern from our continually expanding patterns page.  If you don't see a pattern or theme you like, please contact us and we will make what you need available. Betty will even freehand a design for you or select a quilting pattern that will best compliment your quilt. All custom-made quilts and quilt tops are guaranteed for pattern, size, specified coloration, fabric content and workmanship quality. If you are mailing from out of the country (or out of state), ask about our batting and backing services.

The Shadywood Quilts studio is climate controlled and designed and used exclusively for sewing and quilting. Our studio environment is smoke-free and cat-free to offer a clean, hairless environment. We give the same care and attention to detail to every quilt that comes into our studio. From the experienced to the inexperienced quilter, we are ready to work with and for you to create your quilt.

To learn more about our quilting services, contact us today.

She works willingly with her hands.
Her candle burns on through the night.
She makes herself coverings.
She makes fine linen and sells it.
— (Proverbs 31